Join us today on the Livestream: Conservation on the Move!

22-July-2020 (written by Ana Sequeira)

Do you wonder how marine species like sharks, whales, seals and penguins move around in the great big oceans? Would like to know more about how researchers tackle these questions?

Well, the livestream coming up today might just be for you!

The UWA Oceans Institute is hosting a livestream focused on migration of marine animals, providing a great opportunity for you to learn more about how marine animals move in the ocean and how we can study their populations to conserve life below water.

Today, Wednesday 22nd July at 6 pm AWST (11 am GMT), Ana and Nuno Queiroz (CIBIO, Universidade do Porto) with be having a live chat about their global collaborations to unravel marine megafauna movement.

Join us as we reveal our stories about tracking marine animals and on how we go about understanding where these animals go!

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