The MegaMove project has been endorse by the UN Ocean Decade for Sustainable Development! More information about the MegaMove project can be found at our new website here.

The Gathaagudu Animal Tracking (GAT) Project is focused on understanding movements of tiger sharks, turtles, and dugongs in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay, Western Australia). Featured are green turtles and tiger sharks that were satellite tagged in Shark Bay as part of the GAT project.

For more information about GSMP, visit the website here.

Earlier Projects

For more information about MMMAP, check the website here.

This initiative started at OceanObs’19 in Hawaii. See here for more information.

You can know more about AquaSpace (2014 – 2017) here.

The main event of the Model Transferability project took place at the IMCC (2016).