Meet Nils – Sequeira Lab’s newest PhD student!

Nils Kreuter has joined the Sequeira lab as a PhD student at the Australian National University (ANU) to work on acoustic tracking data from marine megafauna around Australia. His work will examine fine scale movement properties to investigate social, collective, or coordinated behaviour with a specific focus on potentially existing social networks.

Domestic PhD applications open at the Sequeira Lab at ANU! 

Are you interested in learning about the marine environment and investigating marine megafauna movements? The Sequeira Lab has exciting new PhD opportunities available for domestic students! The Lab focuses on addressing specific questions of relevance for the conservation of marine species and the ocean, so if this sounds like you, check out this opportunity to come join our team!

Taking a “Bite of Science” in Shark Bay!

The Sequeira Lab is back in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay, Western Australia) for some turtle and shark satellite tagging research, and this Saturday (December 3rd) we are hosting an afternoon of nature, storytelling, and community in the Denham Townhall!