New paper on the future distribution of sharks around Australia

15-July-2020 (written by Charlotte Birkmanis)

New research on ‘Future Distribution of Suitable Habitat for Pelagic Sharks in Australia Under Climate Change Models’ has just been published in Frontiers in Marine Science. This study, led by Charlotte Birkmanis, predicted where pelagic sharks are likely to occur in Australian waters under future sea temperatures.

We found that, on average, suitable habitat is predicted to decrease for some sharks (such as oceanic whitetip and blue sharks) with an increase in suitable habitat for other shark species (such as mako sharks). The direction and how severe this change in habitat was, however, depends on which of the 48 climate models we used in the analysis. For more details have a peek at the paper.

This is the second chapter of Charlotte’s PhD and is freely available online!

Mako shark by Patrick Doll (, "Kurzflossen-Mako“,
Mako shark by Patrick Doll (, “Kurzflossen-Mako“,

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