Ana Sequeira receives the Early Career Award from the International Biologging Society!

We are pleased to announced that Dr Ana Sequeira received the Early Career Award at the 7th conference of the International Biologging Society, for having "pioneered the development of global distribution models for marine megafauna species. She was a key plyer in bringing together a long collaborative group of scientists to share their biologging data and to identify global threats that affect these animals. Dr Sequeira has also worked to provide guidance for how we can minimise impact on animals while still making sure the sample sizes are statistically significant for research".

Meet Sequeira Lab’s newest addition!

4-May-2020 (written by Jessica Pearce) Jessica Pearce has joined the Sequeira Lab to do her Masters Degree investigating shark evolution using novel genomic technologies in collaboration with Dr Matthew Fraser from UWA Oceans Institute and Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur, Director of DNA Zoo Australia. Jessica will be sequencing the tiger shark genome and conducting a …