The Sequeira Lab has a new member!

20 February 2020 (written by Michelle VanCompernolle)

Michelle VanCompernolle will be working on an exciting project in the Galapagos Islands in collaboration with Dr Alex Hearn from Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Dr Neil Hammerschlag from the University of Miami.  

Michelle will be locating nursery habitats for scalloped hammerhead and blacktip sharks and evaluating how variations in habitat conditions contribute to the movement, health and survival of these juvenile sharks.
Growing up on the Great Lakes and coming from a freshwater background, this is Michelle’s first opportunity to do marine research. She received her MSc from Indiana University, where she studied climate change impacts on stream fish distributions, and her BSc from Michigan State University, where she studied Fisheries & Wildlife and Spanish. Prior to moving to Perth, Michelle was living in Paraguay and working as a research supervisor for a small conservation NGO, Para La Tierra, where she worked on a wide range of taxa including fish, herps, odonata, small mammals, and birds.

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