Our PhD candidates present their research on beautiful Rottnest Island!

20 December 2019 (written by Hannah Calich)

Hannah CalichLucy Arrowsmith, and Megan Meyers had the opportunity to attend the UWA Oceans Graduate School (OGS) Rottnest Island retreat, where each of us presented a summary of our PhD research to a wide range of participating students and faculty across disciplines.

The 3-day retreat was a valuable exercise in science communication, and we received a lot of positive feedback on our presentations. During the retreat, we participated in two valuable workshops on communicating our science to the public, and on strategies for successful interviews. The retreat was also a great opportunity to bond with fellow students, explore beautiful Rottnest Island, and relax and recharge from our busy lives as PhD candidates.
The retreat was the first research symposium for OGS postgraduate students and it was organized by the OGS Student Society Executive Team, which Hannah co-founded in September 2018.T hank you to everyone who has supported to OGS Student Society over the last year and has helped to make it such a success!

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