Taking a “Bite of Science” in Shark Bay!

The Sequeira Lab is back in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay, Western Australia) for some turtle and shark satellite tagging research, and this Saturday (December 3rd) we are hosting an afternoon of nature, storytelling, and community in the Denham Townhall!

Water temperature as a driver of long-distance whale shark migration

The SequeiraLab is happy to announce that the research paper 'Water temperature is a key driver of horizontal and vertical movements of an ocean giant, the whale shark (Rhincondon typus)' led by Lucy Arrowsmith and co-authored by Ana Sequeira, Charitha Pattiaratchi and Mark Meekan, has just been published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series!

Join Sequeira Lab members in a ‘Shark Tales’ Livestream tomorrow!

21-April-2020 (written by Lucy Arrowsmith) Do you need a change from your isolation routine? Want to know more about life as a shark scientist and what it’s like to do research in the field?Well, you are in luck! The UWA Oceans Institute is hosting a livestream to bring science, education and entertainment to the comfort …