Ben D’Antonio has successfully confirmed his PhD candidature! 

Ben D’Antonio has recently completed one of the first major milestones towards his PhD candidature at The University of Western Australia: the presentation of his PhD defence in front of a panel of experts! This is a key step on Ben PhD journey and was the perfect opportunity for Ben to receive feedback and improve on the research he is planning to undertake over the next few years.

Check out Ana’s expert interview on ABC TV News!

Did you know that despite their size, whale sharks are at great risk from the shipping industry? Our Sequeira Lab leader, Dr. Ana Sequeira, contributed to a recently published paper entitled "Global collision-risk hotspots of marine traffic and the world’s largest fish, the whale shark" ...

Ocean sunfishes are really interesting fishes!

The ocean is full of interesting creatures! And the ocean sunfish is just about one of the most interesting ones, as Dr Ana Sequeira had the pleasure to learn while reviewing the recent book: "The Ocean Sunfishes: Evolution, Biology, and Conservation".