An animal tracking expedition at your fingertips

20-April-2023 (written by Mike Taylor)

Over the last two years, the Sequeira Lab has been undertaking research expeditions as part of our Gathaagudu Animal Tracking (GAT) Project. We have prepared a synthesis of these expeditions for the Oceans Institute, to take you on a (virtual) trip across the spectacular scenery of Shark Bay (Gathaagudu in the Malgana Language) to learn more about the places we visit and the research we undertake.

Our summary will take you from our field base in Denham to Dirk Hartog Island, Guichenault Point and beyond. These are all locations where Sequeira Lab members have undertaken research as they roam the length and breadth of Shark Bay to track and understand marine megafauna. To get an idea of where we have been working and the techniques we are using in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, you can follow our journey here, on the Oceans Institute’s website.

An aerial view of a peninsula in Shark Bay showing the land and surrounding waters, taken from a light aircraft.

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