Taking a “Bite of Science” in Shark Bay!

30-November-2022 (written by Hannah Calich and Jessica Pearce)

The Sequeira Lab is back in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay, Western Australia) for some turtle and shark satellite tagging research, and this Saturday (December 3rd) we are hosting an afternoon of nature, storytelling, and community in the Denham Townhall!

Our event will bring together scientists, Malgana traditional owners, members of local government, tourism, and industry for discussions and presentations about how marine megafauna impact this diverse community! From the SequeiraLab, postdoc Dr. Oliver Jewell and PhD students Michael Taylor will show how we catch and tag sharks and turtles. We are also looking forward to presentations from a wide variety of speakers, including Tidal Moon Pty Ltd, the Buyungurra Nyarlu Gang, Aristocrat, Ocean Park Aquarium, and Shark Bay School! Check out the flyer below and email Hannah (hannah.calich@anu.edu.au) for more information!

Thank you to The Australian National University Research School of Biology for supporting this exciting event, and The University of Western Australia Oceans Institute, the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, and the Jock Clough Marine Foundation for supporting our ongoing research in this region!

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