Ana is a keynote speaker at the AMSA conference

17-August-2022 (written by Jessica Pearce)

The Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA) held their annual conference in person for the first time since 2019 last week! This year the conference was held in the tropical city of Cairns, far north Queensland, known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. At the conference, our lab leader, Dr Ana Sequeira, gave the keynote speech for the marine megafauna session: “Connectivity of habitats through ocean giants in the face of global change”.

For her keynote speech: “Global conservation of marine megafauna through global collaboration and innovative analyses“, Ana introduced the MegaMove project to this audience of marine scientists from around Australia. The MegaMove project is a global collaboration of close to 400 marine movement ecologists to advance the long-term conservation of marine megafauna through mitigating global threats. This project has already been endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade and encompasses over 100 species.

It was an amazing conference! Great work all organisers, including the marine megafauna session chairs, and also Ana for her keynote presentation!

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