Hannah has passed her PhD viva voce!

28-July-2022 (written by Hannah Calich)

The Sequeira Lab is excited to report that our PhD candidate Hannah Calich has just passed the viva voce for her thesis entitled ‘Describing animal movement with statistical physics methods: insights into the ecology and physiology of migratory sharks’. The viva voce is an oral examination where PhD candidates are given the opportunity to defend and discuss their thesis. So passing the viva voce means that after making some minor edits, Hannah will be awarded her doctoral degree, which is excellent news!

In her thesis, Hannah focuses on developing tools to facilitate the use of statistical physics-based methods by ecologists and on demonstrating the value of these methods by identifying search strategies and physiological drivers of migratory sharks. You can learn more about Hannah’s work here: Ecography and stay tuned for our announcement of the other publications Hannah has underway. Her highly interdisciplinary thesis, combining aspects of ecology, physiology, and statistical physics, was completed under the co-supervision of Dr Ana M. M. Sequeira and Dr Charitha Pattiaratchi, and in collaboration with Dr Neil Hammerschlag, Dr Jorge P. Rodríguez, and Dr Víctor M. Eguíluz. Huge congratulations to Hannah, and a big thanks to her PhD examiners for the insightful and valuable feedback on her thesis.

Hannah proudly displaying a copy of her thesis

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