A successful shark tagging trip to Shark Bay/Gathaagudu!

1-June-2022 (written by Ben D’Antonio)

Sequeira Lab team members are excited to have recently returned from a second shark tagging trip to Shark Bay or “Gathaagudu” as it is known by the Malgana Peoples, the traditional owners of this region in Western Australia. The team on the water included Dr Matthew Fraser as our skipper and project co-lead with Dr Ana Sequeira, the shark aficionado Dr Oliver Jewell, and PhD candidates Hannah Calich, Michelle VanCompernolle,  Ben D’Antonio and Mike Taylor. Also joining us on the water was Jack Dawson of the Department of Fisheries, DPIRD, Denham. and Simone Strydom from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, DBCA.

It was a very successful trip with 7 tags deployed on tiger sharks! This included satellite and camera/diary tags to collect data on their long-term migratory and short-term fine scale behaviours to better understand their movement patterns within the seagrass meadows of Shark Bay and beyond. The team also collected blood and tissue samples to assist with inferring the diet and genetics of the sharks we tagged. Enjoy a few of the great highlights from this trip in our video below!

Thank you to all of our collaborators for their continued assistance with the GAT project, including the Malgana Aboriginal Corporation, DPIRD and DBCA, with whom we look forward to working again on upcoming trips. A big thank you to our philanthropic funders (including the Jock Clough Marine Foundation) for making this project possible.

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