Ocean sunfishes are really interesting fishes!

25-March-2022 (written by Jessica Pearce)

The ocean is full of interesting creatures! And the ocean sunfish is just about one of the most interesting ones, as Dr Ana Sequeira had the pleasure to learn while reviewing the recent book: “The Ocean Sunfishes: Evolution, Biology, and Conservation“. Ana’s review highlights some of the most interesting facts about ocean sunfishes, and gives a concise overview of the book’s content. It briefly summarising its 15 chapters, with topics ranging from fossil records to the many remaining mysteries of sunfishes, and revealing many interesting aspects of this charismatic species. For example, did you know that sunfishes exhibit symbiotic relationships with seabirds that feed on (and hence remove) the parasites on the sunfishes skin while they sunbathe at the ocean’s surface?

If you’re interested in learning more fun facts about these fascinating fish, check out Ana’s review and the book.

An ocean sunfish in Nordsøen Oceanarium, Hirtshals, Denmark. Original public domain image from Creative Commons

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