The Sequeira Lab has a new intern!

09-February-2022 (written by Juliet Morris)

Juliet is a third year undergraduate Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) student who is a current summer intern at the Sequeira Lab. She is studying Marine and Environmental Science at the University of Western Australia and she is fascinated by both science and the marine world. She will be developing geographic information systems to map species geographical ranges and use python code to automate processing. This research placement contributes to her research-focused degree.

Juliet is enjoying working with researchers and PhD students and learning more about their work. She is also happy to be involved in all lab events, from lab meetings to social catch ups with the rest of team members.

She hopes to continue in this field and become a researcher focusing on the interactions and relationship between human activity, habitat and marine animals. The experience she is gaining at the SequeiraLab is providing some of the skills and knowledge to support this.

We welcome Juliet to our group!

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