Jess and Adrianne have submitted their master’s theses!

10-Decemeber-2021 (written by Jessica Pearce and Adrianne Hortle)

Both Sequeira Lab’s masters students Jessica Pearce and Adrianne Hortle have recently submitted their final theses! This marks the final step in the completion of their respective master’s degrees.

Jessica’s thesis entitled ‘Shark’s evolutionary history through the lens of comparative genomics’ demonstrated how chondrichthyan species (sharks, rays, skates, and chimaeras) have evolved over time and marks the end of her Master of Biological Science degree (specialising in Marine Biology). She was co-supervised by  Dr Matthew Fraser , Dr Ana Sequeira and Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur. Adrianne’s thesis entitled ‘Investigating seagrass loss in Shark Bay (Gathaagudu) from remote sensing imagery and impacts to turtles’ showed areas of seagrass recovery and the shift in turtle utilisation areas in Shark Bay following the 2010/2011 marine heat wave. She has now completed a Master of Environmental Science, specialising in Sensing and Environmental Data. Adrianne was co-supervised by Dr Sharyn Hickey, Dr Ben Radford and Dr Ana Sequeira.

From her master’s thesis, Jessica has published her first paper “State of shark and ray genomics in an era of extinction” in Frontiers in Marine Science, which you can read more about here. She now plans to continue in research through starting her PhD next year. Adrianne plans to continue working as a GIS analyst at Biologic Environmental and is working on publishing her thesis.

Congratulations to both our students on their achievements!

Left: Jess with her fist publication Right: Adrianne presenting her final thesis

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