Ana Sequeira receives the Early Career Award from the International Biologging Society!

25 October 2021 (written by Ana Sequeira)

We are pleased to announced that Dr Ana Sequeira received an Early Career Award at the 7th conference of the International Biologging Society, for having “pioneered the development of global distribution models for marine megafauna species. She was a key plyer in bringing together a long collaborative group of scientists to share their biologging data and to identify global threats that affect these animals. Dr Sequeira has also worked to provide guidance for how we can minimise impact on animals while still making sure the sample sizes are statistically significant for research”.

The 7th conference of the International Biologging Society took place last week virtually with headquarters in Hawaii. This conference celebrates the achievements of the many scientists working in the field of biologging, from terrestrial to marine, and includes work across many disciplines, such as physiology, accelerometry, and telemetry. This year’s theme was “Tracking the Changing World Around Us”, gathering the fantastic number of 575 attendees, and awarding three early career and one outstanding career awards!

Congratulations to Ana and all awardees for such a great achievement!

Ana swimming in the blue waters of Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

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