New paper on the first insights into whale shark movements in northern Arabian Sea!

07-July-2021 (written by Lucy Arrowsmith)

We are happy to announce that research led by Lucy Arrowsmith has been published in Frontiers in Marine Science! This research, ‘First Insights into the Horizontal Movements of Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) in the Northern Arabian Sea,’ shows the first data of whale sharks tagged in the northern Arabian Sea off the western coast of the Indian state of Gujarat.

We found that the seven whale sharks tagged had varied movements throughout the eastern part of the northern Arabian Sea, highlighting patterns of movement linked to frontal systems and narrow temperature bands. This research provides baseline information regarding the distribution of this species in an area where anthropogenic threats abound and can have a potential impact on these ocean giants.

This collaborative research project worked closely with the Wildlife Trust of India, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and the School of Biological Sciences and Oceans Graduate School at The University of Western Australia.

This is the first chapter of Lucy’s PhD and is freely available online! Congratulations Lucy and team for a great outcome!

Whale shark (Rhincodon typus). Credit: Ben D’Antonio

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