SequeiraLab awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery grant

20-Nov-2020 (written by Charlotte Birkmanis)

Ana has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Australian Research Council as lead Chief Investigator of a team of four. The grant is for their global project Dynamic assessment of threats to marine megafauna in face of global change, which aims to deliver diagnostics on risks for marine megafauna worldwide. By demonstrating how marine telemetry data can be synthesised and translated into ecologically significant behaviours, this project will increase our understanding of how the movements of marine megafauna vary with changes in the environment. Most importantly, it will expand our knowledge on the overlap between the movement of migratory marine animals and threatening human activities on a global scale.

Dr Ana Sequeira will be working with Professor Robert Harcourt, Dr Víctor Martinez Eguiluz and Professor David Sims on this groundbreaking project to address global scientific and societal problems, pushing forward a new frontier in marine spatial management to improve conservation.

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