A new post-doc at Sequeira Lab

16-Sept-2020 (written by Takahiro Shimada)

Takahiro Shimada has just joined the Sequeira Lab! Taka has been heavily involved in research and conservation of sea turtles for the last 14 years. He will undertake various projects on movement ecology and conservation of marine megafauna, and will be leading expeditions to Shark Bay (Gathaagudu) to deploy tracking devices on iconic species. The species of focus will be turtles, dugongs, and sharks, and he will strive to develop strong relationships with the local communities and traditional custodians of Gathaagudu. Taka will also contribute to the lab’s ongoing global marine megafauna projects involving a large number of collaborators from across the world.

After spending 2 years volunteering with a non-profit turtle conservation organisation in Japan, Taka completed his post-graduate degrees (MSc in Japan, PhD in Australia). He then undertook post-doctoral research at James Cook University, Queensland Government, and Australian Institute of Marine Science, with a major emphasis on the movement of sea turtles and their interactions with the environment. Taka enjoys field work as much as data crunching.

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