Watch the video abstract entered by our student Jessica Pearce into PacBio’s competition

20-Aug-2020 (written by Jessica Pearce)

Our Master’s student Jessica participated in the recent video abstract competition held by Pacific Bioscience (PacBio), on behalf of UWA Oceans Institute and DNA Zoo Australia.

Jessica’s video abstract was about her research on tiger shark genomics and the importance of this species’ conservation to Shark Bay. Despite not being the winner, Jess had lots of fun preparing the video for the competition and really enjoyed the experience of participating.

PacBio is a biotechnology company that developed highly accurate Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing and more recently Single Molecule High-Fidelity (HiFi) sequencing technologies. Their grant programs provide the opportunity for any scientist (of any career level or country), to win HiFi sequencing for an organism of their choice. In the recent 2020 Plant and Animal Science SMRT Grant Program, scientists from around the world presented their video abstract competition showing how HiFi sequencing of their chosen organism would further research and conservation of earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

We congratulate all participants in the 2020 PacBio competition! You can watch all the finalist video abstracts here .

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