Meet Sequeira Lab’s newest addition!

4-May-2020 (written by Jessica Pearce)

Jessica Pearce has joined the Sequeira Lab to do her Masters Degree investigating shark evolution using novel genomic technologies in collaboration with Dr Matthew Fraser from UWA Oceans Institute and Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur, Director of DNA Zoo Australia.

Jessica will be sequencing the tiger shark genome and conducting a comparative genomic analysis with existing shark and ray genomes. This will develop genomic resources that are ultimately relevant for conservation and management.

Jessica developed a passion for the ocean since early age, and has started scuba diving at age 14. Growing up on the coast of magnificent coast of West Australia, she is particularly interested in species that occur in Shark Bay, Western Australia. She received a BSc in Marine Science and Genetics from the University of Western Australia, and has now combined her interests in these two fields into a Masters degree that she has just started.

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