We are excited to announce Ana is a Pew Fellow 2020!

26 March 2020 (written by Ana Sequeira)

Ana is one of only eight researchers named to be a 2020 Pew Marine Fellow to tackle the ocean grand-challenges and develop tools to strengthen marine conservation. Through the award of the Pew Fellowship, Ana will step up her research and focus on identifying global hotspots for marine megafauna. This is much needed information to assess the cumulative impact of multiple threats derived from human activities, such as fishing, shipping, and climate change.

The Pew Fellows Program is supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts and focuses on supporting high-quality research and on building a global community of experts that can combine efforts to address existing challenges.
Together with support from the University of Western Australia Oceans Institute and School of Biological Sciences, the Pew fellowship will allow Ana to continue to grow her research network and to develop innovative science.

Congratulations to all 2020 Pew Marine Fellows for their excellent achievement!

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