Our PhD candidates received Robson and Robertson Awards!

30 August 2019 (written by Hannah Calich)

We are excited to report that both Hannah Calich and Lucy Arrowsmith have received Robson and Robertson awards to further support the development of our international research collaborations. Hannah will use her funds to attend the American Elasmobranch Society’s annual conference (the largest annual meeting of shark researchers in the world) and continue our collaborative research with Dr Neil Hammerschlag at the University of Miami. Lucy will travel to Europe to develop work with Dr David Sims investigating the links between global whale shark movements and shipping lanes. Charlotte Birkmanis and Lauren Peel have also benefited from the Robson and Robertson Award in previous years.

The Robson and Robertson Awards (from the UWA’s Oceans Institute) were established in honour of Professor Alan Robson and Emeritus Professor Alistar Robertson to encourage and support young researchers in the field of Marine Science. Congratulations to all award recipients!

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