It was a strong showing of Sequeira Lab presentations at the AMSA conference

12 July 2019 (written by Hannah Calich)

Since Fremantle, Western Australia, is just minutes from our offices at UWA, the 2019 Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) conference was the perfect opportunity for many of our members to showcase our research. Combined, our talks ranged from broad-scale movement patterns of multiple species, presented by Charlotte Birkmanis and Hannah Calich (pictured),

to the fine-scale patterns of individual animals (by Lucy Arrowsmith and Lauren Peel), and the multitude of methods that can be used to analyse animal movement at those different scales (by Dr Malcolm O’Toole and Dr Ana Sequeira). Our presentations were all well received, and Lucy even won the Peter Holloway Oceanography Prize for her presentation “Investigating links between vertical and horizontal movement patterns of whale sharks”! In the end we all had a great time presenting out research, meeting and networking with researchers from all over Australia, and we can’t wait for next year’s conference in Sydney!

AMSA is the largest organization of marine scientists in Australia and it has been promoting all aspects of marine science for over 50 years! AMSA members include individuals from all states and territories of Australia and once a year the AMSA conference is held for researchers to meet each other and share their research.

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