Collaborators from Europe visited Sequeira Lab!

4 March 2020 (written by Ana Sequeira)

The Physicists Dr Victor Eguíluz and Dr Jorge Rodríguez (based in Spain and Italy, respectively) have just came to SequeiraLab for a short visit and to work with Dr Ana Sequeira and Dr Malcolm O’Toole. We took this fantastic opportunity to advance many of the projects we have ongoing and decided on the next steps to take.

It was a busy meeting, with many discussions about new ways to analyse of marine megafauna movement, and we are excited to see how the results will pan out! To enjoy the sunshine in Perth, we did a morning walk from the UWA Oceans Institute (where the SequeiraLab is based) to Kings Park, and passed by the iconic Crawley Edge Boatshed: a landmark in Perth where people queue to take photos. And of course, we took a picture together!
We thank the UWA OI for the support provided to host the international visitors. Stay tuned on the SequeiraLab News to discover more about our research.

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